Monday, March 29, 2010

My "I Heart Faces" Entry for this week

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Okay...So, I know I am no expert. An I know my editing skills are very much on the amateur side. BUT, the rules for this contest state clearly, ANYONE can enter, so I thought I'd give it a try.

There are so many BETTER photographers than I and I'm not even sure how I'm suppose to choose. So...I decided to pick a B&W shot that I recently did of KJ that stands out in my mind as one of my all time favorites. I think the photo is a bit "dramatic". Just look at that face, his expression, his body language. Everything about this photo "talks". How he's holding on to his pants; to keep them from getting in the stream. The location -- all boy! This was captured in a split second moment and I love everything about it.

So why not? Here we go. Wish me luck!

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Twin Photoshoot Favorites! I thought I'd share the HIGHLIGHTS of my FAVS:

It doesn't get any cuter than this!

Mr. Stud, a handsome devil don't you think?

With each other...

And then a few with mama...I'm pretty sure she'll cherish these...

and boy do they love her!

TWINS! and another photoshoot for a friend! YEAH!

Well..another longtime friend, who I hadn't seen for years, Miss Jessica; contacted me and asked me to take photos of her twins who just turned FOUR (4)! I, of course jumped at the chance! How beautiful are these two!? Probably one of the easiest shoots I've done. They were so awesome and so easy to photograph, as was their mother! The little guy had a little warming up to do, but we ended up doing okay as our minutes when on. Friday, the day started out warm and perfect and then as the afternoon came around, it turned dropping 15 degrees in less than 30 minutes and of course we planned a shoot for around 4:00. Despite mother nature and her cruelness...we fought the brisk air and met at the park as planned. I love this's right up the street from my house and has some great little places to take photos. I really am pleased with how a lot of them came out. I played a bit on these and I definitely have my handful of favorites, but for the slideshow; I'll go ahead and include all that we decided to keep! Hope you enjoy! Meet K.J. & Madeline "Maddie"!

Thanks Jess, for asking me to capture your memories of you and your littles. I throughly enjoyed seeing you again and getting to know your kiddos a little better! I hope we can make something happen to hang out and get our kids together to play the next time your in town! 2 years was way too long! :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My long time friend and her boys... it's been weeks since I posted. Obviously, I stink at this blogging thing. :)

I'm dippin backwards a bit for this post...November 8th, 2009! This is one of my best girlfriends; Michelle. To me, she's "Missy"...I can say she's been my friend now for nearly 20 years. I can't seem to pinpoint the exact date of when we met...or maybe it's just that I'm too lazy to dig out my old crap, to figure it out...pretty sure the later of the two is probably closer to the truth. :) We met through each other's boyfriends at the time. It was a double date...and the rest was history. The boys didn't last, but our friendship did and for that I am so thankful. We were unseparatable from that point on. We've shared a lifetime of memories...and I adore her and those memories beyond words.

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It however, seems life; job(s). a husband. kids. and houses spread apart by a short 45 minute drive...have taken over and we don't get to see each other near enough. I do however, get to share the important moments with her. An occasional get together, Birthdays and Photographs. :) I'm am honored that she chooses me to document her memories for her. Besides, the thousands of photos we used to shoot of each other she has also allowed me to be her "family" photographer! From the moment her and Jeff got engaged, she has allowed me to capture many of their memories. It means the world to me that she chooses me. To be the one to document these memories for her, I am honored. Watching her family grow and become who they are today is an even bigger blessing.

Last November she and the boys met me out at the lake! A little SLIDESHOW of the results!

Missy, my friend, you are a natural and as beautiful as you always have been. Caleb, (as you can see by my many photos) so incredibly easy to capture and another natural. I'm sure a small part of that might be that I've been pointing a camera in his face since the day he was born! :) And then that little stinker Caden...who was not real sure about me and that big black thing I kept pointing at him. :) I think they came out pretty good, if I say so myself. :) Thanks again Miss...for sharing these moments with me. I hope our friendship will last another 20+!!! I look forward to many more "shoots". I love you and your sweet boys to pieces!!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

By your Grace and Love....Cleaning up my life.

It's been a week since I last blogged......My name is Leah and I have neglected to blog for almost 2 weeks now!///Okay, I'm just goofing around!

I'd love to share a song I found perfectly fitting to how I'm personally feeling at the moment or moments while typing this, so I wanted to share! If you are on my ACTUAL blog page...Hit the STOP button to turn off the Playlist...then click here: PLAY ME
I couldn't find it on playlist or you would be listening to it without having to open up the link. :)

Some technical stuff: Those of you who receive my blog via email form...I just wanted to let you know, you can visit my ACTUAL blog by going to the bottom of the email and clicking the "This n That" link that is highlighted! It's a much more "personal" attempt at reading this and seeing the post then reading it via email form. Don't forget to I know you visited. :)

Now...on to the really important stuff! Yeah...okay, so more of my babbling.

First...MY BOY!...The little athlete had his last Basketball game of the season this past Saturday! And I have to say I was super proud of was his personal best. I think he made no less than 8 attempts at shooting a basket, making like 6 of them. Very aggressive playing at getting the ball and playing defense. I am so proud of how far he's come from the beginning of the season. I know he'll just keep improving.


Baseball is now blazing in rapidly! The season starts April 19th. The Express team has been formed, mostly consisting of the boys from last year, with a few new boys. BE SURE TO CLICK THE LINK and BECOME A FAN! Also, visit here for our first fundraiser! A SONIC Car Hop on March 27th! Also please share the love by stopping by and contributing to our boys. The team gets to keep all the tips. We are also looking for SPONSORS for this year...the equipment that the team needs is funded by the team. Any money donated will go to practice and game equipment as well as any team get togethers! DO YOU KNOW ANY LITTLE LEAGUE FANS???'s a great write off! Please contact us if you do! We are looking forward to a great season. There will be lots more of these posts to the coming months.

Second: Ready, Ok...say it with me! K! S! UUUUU! Wildcats! #2 in the Big 12. #5 on the other! Not to bad this year. Was happy they beat the tiggers...not so happy they lost to those stinky birds last night. Hopefully from here, they will just keep winning now.


As for the Grace and Love...Sunday morning I dragged my big behind out of bed...determined that we were going to church, despite the overall voting of the tired individuals I share my home with! I think all was a little wore out from our fabulous visit with the Tindall Family the day before! My hubby...he's always tired, but I have to give the guy a break. His day consisted on Sat. of officiating 3 games starting at 8:00 AM, then coaching Wyatt's bb game! After the game he went back to officiating 4 more games and then met us then at the Tindall's somewhere around 8pm. So dragging him out of bed was a bit of a struggle but not too bad...I'm pretty sure he would have slept until noon had I not woke him up. the hair of our chiny-chin-chins we started our day at Church. Then, I took the littles to a pizza luncheon thanks to Grandma Kitty, and then feeling miserable about what I just ate and the fact that I was determined that I was going to workout in some form or fashion EVERY SINGLE DAY...I took the kiddos and we went and worked out. I suppose a little kick in the behind was in order...after eating a slice of all meat pizza, a salad WITH pink dressing (dumb) and the kicker...two individually sized twix candy bars...DOES ANYONE KNOW WHY THEY MAKE THOSE!? I am pretty sure it's to torture people like me who can't eat just one. Somewhere in my mind...I tell myself, they are little, how bad can that be?...and then I eat two or three or four. Today, I stopped at two! Yeah Me! Insert *roll of the eyes and an arm in the air* Oh...did I get off track again?

On to the rest of my boring little tidbit and my appifany: "A sudden revelation of an ordinary object or scene". :)

Well...that is my working out all things in my life that I set "GOALS" for...I know I'm bound to fail, but I'm sure going to do my best NOT to fail this one! Keeping things in perspective(reference my previous post a week ago)...November is going to be here before I know it! And afterall, I did ANNOUNCE TO the two people that read my blog that I'm going to loose 40 lbs before my next Birthday. How embarrassing will that be if I fail? Well, I suppose the embarrassment would pass but on a serious disappointed will I be in myself!? I suppose the fact that doing something for myself feels REALLY REALLY good too! I have to keep pushing myself. I need to do this! For me, my kids, my family and for God.


Now, that kind of sounds goofy to me...How does me loosing all my fat have anything to do with God? I chalk it up to this in as little words as I can do (which is not easy for me)...I know God loves me no matter what. But, he gave me, ME! And well, I haven't been doing a very good job of taking care of ME for the last 7-9 years! I've tried here and there. I did a really good job at making an attempt last spring/summer/fall...but then I quit. I am not an overeater...I just don't really make that great of choices when I choose what to eat, or when to eat. There is always something to do more important than to go work out. There is always something "weighing" me down...instead of taking time out to do something for myself. Which in actually do something for a lot of other people. But I think my biggest obsticle to date is I waste so much PRECIOUS time directing my attention to so many things that really don't matter. I won't bore you with all my self admitted failures. Because there are many...but mostly I spend so much time filling my day full of needless things, WISHing, WANTing, BUYing THINGS. Things that fill my life full of CLUTTER and needless attempts at impressing those that really don't need to be impressed. Which leads to an unhappy Leah. A frustrated, overwhelmed Leah. All in all it leads to not spending quality time with my kids because I spend so much time trying to "catch up" with the crazy life I created. Now, I'm not one of those people that have things piled to the ceiling that you see on T.V. That's not what I mean. I just create more for me to do. I think it's my way of getting lost in my day and what I have going on. Which in itself, only makes things harder and makes things crazy ugly creating a gross level of stress between me and my husband. All in all, getting rid of that "clutter"...I'll be spending more time on ME! So if forcing myself to focus on working out...gets me focused on something more positive...than I can't really loose. We can't really lose. I think God would approve it's a much better attempt at "cleaning up my life". From there I can get focused on the things that make a bigger impact. Using tools God has provided for me and focusing on HIM and what he wants for me to do with my life! Then focusing on the people that matter most to me and what my life revolves around so it's not so crazy. I know it's a lot of rambling...but hopefully that makes sense.


Making life better for my kids and myself...If I don't take care of me, then who is going to take care of them!? When I feel better about me, then they will have a better role model! A HAPPIER Mom! I'm not saying I have to be skinny to be a good role model, but taking care of myself so I can live a longer fuller life with them (God willing). That's enough for me to want to do better, and be a better figure. Obviously, this is always been in my mind, but I don't think it was in my heart! Our sermon Sunday at Church definitely helped kick that in gear! Plus, I'm not totally convinced that my Mr. didn't have a "call ahead" on the lesson, because it felt like he called and told the pastor what to say and to direct it right at me and my endless need or yearning to want to S-H-O-P! :)...I know, that's the way it's suppose to be. And I know HE didn't have anything to do with it, that was joke.

I'm done for today...I'll spare my two readers any more of my rambling. This is my start of trying to get better at posting and trying to document my hopeful attempt at being "little" again! If nothing else...healthy! All in all, a pretty simple self evaluating SUNDAY! I can honestly say...NO Shopping involved in my day! Wow, that actually felt good to say! Snicker-Snicker. I can't say that I did that great the rest of the week...but Sunday was a start! :)

On to better things...SHE is waiting for me...


"I asked God for all things that I might enjoy life, He gave me life that I might enjoy all things!

I thank you Lord for loving me!