Saturday, March 20, 2010

My long time friend and her boys... it's been weeks since I posted. Obviously, I stink at this blogging thing. :)

I'm dippin backwards a bit for this post...November 8th, 2009! This is one of my best girlfriends; Michelle. To me, she's "Missy"...I can say she's been my friend now for nearly 20 years. I can't seem to pinpoint the exact date of when we met...or maybe it's just that I'm too lazy to dig out my old crap, to figure it out...pretty sure the later of the two is probably closer to the truth. :) We met through each other's boyfriends at the time. It was a double date...and the rest was history. The boys didn't last, but our friendship did and for that I am so thankful. We were unseparatable from that point on. We've shared a lifetime of memories...and I adore her and those memories beyond words.

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It however, seems life; job(s). a husband. kids. and houses spread apart by a short 45 minute drive...have taken over and we don't get to see each other near enough. I do however, get to share the important moments with her. An occasional get together, Birthdays and Photographs. :) I'm am honored that she chooses me to document her memories for her. Besides, the thousands of photos we used to shoot of each other she has also allowed me to be her "family" photographer! From the moment her and Jeff got engaged, she has allowed me to capture many of their memories. It means the world to me that she chooses me. To be the one to document these memories for her, I am honored. Watching her family grow and become who they are today is an even bigger blessing.

Last November she and the boys met me out at the lake! A little SLIDESHOW of the results!

Missy, my friend, you are a natural and as beautiful as you always have been. Caleb, (as you can see by my many photos) so incredibly easy to capture and another natural. I'm sure a small part of that might be that I've been pointing a camera in his face since the day he was born! :) And then that little stinker Caden...who was not real sure about me and that big black thing I kept pointing at him. :) I think they came out pretty good, if I say so myself. :) Thanks again Miss...for sharing these moments with me. I hope our friendship will last another 20+!!! I look forward to many more "shoots". I love you and your sweet boys to pieces!!

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Anonymous said...

"This is my favorite blog yet. I have lost touch with Missy really. It makes me so sad. I haven't seen pics of the boys in years and they are so precious! I'd love her email address if you have it. I love your blog so I can keep up with you!!!!!! Love you, P"