Friday, February 05, 2010

Friday Tidbits....

We will start with the GIVEAWAY!  Who doesn't love a good giveaway!  And who doesn't LOVE stamped jewelry?!  Sheesh...anyone?  Even if you don't end up've found a new Etsy shop to cruise and possibly buy yourself some new bling! For today's giveaway...go make a quick pit stop at TODAYS CREATIVE BLOG (which is a great site to visit anyway!).   Check out the FRIDAY GIVEAWAY Post and be sure to leave her a comment! 

Now...on to my personal NEW FAVORITE, introduced to me by friend Traci! AND's only 90 calories! Can I get a WHOO-WHOO!?

Meet the Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte from Starbucks!

Usually the "skinny" part means it doesn't taste as good,
but that is just not so, in this case!

And last but certainly not least for today...check out my "Sissy's" (Julie) new place of business she calls work:  The Artful Gardner!  "Landscape Design, Installation & Maintenance... for great customers throughout the KC Metro area."

Be sure to BECOME A FAN!  With spring quickly approaching, contact her to get started on your lawn and gardening needs!  THEY DESIGN. THEY BUILD. THEY PLANT. THEY CARE! :)

Ta-Ta for now...and because I have so much other stuff I need to be doing like going through Ava and Wyatt's wardrobe to start listing on Ebay for Spring and Summer.  Oh boy! The excitement!  Happy Friday! Give a hug today!

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