Friday, April 09, 2010

New Direction = EXCITEMENT!


THAT ONE WORD = A NEW DIRECTION for The Lowry Family! And welcomed whole-heartedly!!! Thank you Jesus!!
Anyone who knows us (and actually reads this), knows that we have been in a financial struggle for several years now. From the start of when Lance went to work for the Railroad until present, things have seemed to be an uphill battle financially. ...and the "rest" naturally follows!


He has always done what he needs to do, to WORK. Everything he sets out to do...job related, he puts his all into it. He's a natural sales person and very good at what he does. He adapts to pretty much any situation.

From This n' That...

A few years ago Lance decided to get out the Kitchen and Bath Cabinet business..and try something else that had better benefits and heavier paycheck (eventually). The thought of more money and great retirement benefits, he chose to work for the railroad. That was short visited... Working for the railroad didn't work out...they chose to let him go for "failing to pass a color blind analysis test". Lance then got back into Kitchen and Bath Cabinet Sales. Started working on his own, freelancing his service. It seemed at that time, a very good opportunity and it was rather successful for a short period. About a year, it was GREAT; but we were still playing catch up from the year before! And then...the market fell and all heck broke loose on my husband's job situation. We've been through 3 cabinet companies in less than two years! All full commission...and in a very POOR world! He - WE have finally decided to call it quits in THAT WORLD!!

From This n' That...

He gave it his all, doing all he could to stay with it. He was doing what he knew and quite honestly what he was really good at and what he ENJOYED doing! Lance has always done what ever he had to do to provide for our family. But to do so, it meant having to juggling 3, sometimes 4 jobs at a time. All so we could barely "get by" and sometimes not even that. On top of his full time sales job, there is the officiating basketball, softball, baseball and then there is the mowing! All equals a very tired husband/daddy and quite honestly a very "missing in action" one.

From This n' That...

SO TODAY...RIGHT NOW...All I can think about is....MY HUSBAND GOT THE JOB!!!! It all started with a comment we both made on Facebook:
"(Husband) Looking for employment, let me know if you know anything or anyone hiring"!

A few weeks went by...nothing. And then a friend of ours, emailed Lance that one of her friends posted a job opportunity and if he'd be interested. From there..Sheryl recommended Lance to the girl that did the post and that girl referred Lance to who he will now call his boss! In less than a week...through a referral from Facebook, Lance was set up to do an interview with her and the girl sales rep that he will be replacing. The interview was held here at the Marriott by the airport.

It was a rather...what I call extensive interview process. He was suppose to give a demonstration during the interview and that he forgot about until the day he winged it. Gave a demonstration on "Teaching a child to hit off a Batting Tee"! Obviously, something my husband knows like the back of his hand and apparently very good at...because he "knocked their socks off" so to speak. Definitely WON them over. I'm not completely sure how many interviewed but from what they said to him...he blew them away and they were very impressed with his presentation and how high his confidence level and ability to speak in front of a group was. YEAH LANCE! I always told you, you sell yourself short! I knew you could do it! ;)

From This n' That...

WyoTech is what Lance calls the "Ivy League of the Automotive World"! He now has a HUGE opportunity Recruiting Kids to, what we have been told is the #1 Automotive College in the US. Apparently it's one you will hear about on those car shows they have on T.V.!...or so I've been told...I don't watch those said car shows! Guess I might now. Momma has a lot to learn.

From This n' That...

Here is what I do know...There are 5 Locations:

Blairsville, PA,
Daytona Beach, FL,
Laramie, WY,
Long Beach, CA
& Sacramento, CA

BASE is in California. I think the Home Office is in Santa Ana...or maybe it's in Tempe, AZ? Tempe is where the New Hire packet was UPS'd to us from. Funny story: The new hire packet came BEFORE he was told he had the job! They were suppose to wait until his background check was done! ha-ha. Anyway, I obviously, haven't researched all this enough to have it all figured out. But the SVP of HR is in California. He was suppose to have a phone interview with him last night but the lady (his boss) called Lance around 9 pm and said it wasn't necessary..."if she liked was a go! and he got the job!"


He officially starts the 19th, ironically enough that is our 7 year Wedding Anniversary! The first week is a WEB based Training. He will get BASE + commission (eventually). He will be given a laptop computer, a phone and car allowance! The commission happens slowly as he is paid on that as the "students graduate". The course for the students is I think...19 months. His territory is Northern Missouri...I don't really know the specifics on that either. His boss is close to the Colorado border....again, not real sure the specifics. :) He will be based out of our HOME (oh joy) and that in itself will be an adjustment *hmm-umm, clearing throat*! There is always WiFi at Starbucks, Borders and Panera! HA-HA-HA-HA-HA. ANYONE THAT KNOWS LANCE...KNOWS he would NOT be caught dead in a Starbucks!...or probably Borders for that matter. Now, Panera...they have food, so probably that might work. :) We'll have to figure all this out and maybe come up with a way to make an office out of the basement...SOONER than later!

From This n' That...

The second week, he will have a week training in California. Then a week training in Wyoming. THAT...STINKY POO's for ME...but I'll HAVE to overcome that, right?...afterall our life is going to be on a way better path! I have to admit I'm a little "jealous" since we haven't had a vacation since we first started dating, which was in CA, 12 years ago...and quite honestly...the thought of him enjoying a little "off" time without me, without bad - in my head. Even though I know better and it's not really a "vacation"...but those feelings are there!

From This n' That...

Afterall, I'll be here doing what I always do, PLUS SOME MORE! The car pooling to and from school, ball practices and baseball games! The kid raising, laundry doing, ebay listing, house picking up, washing the dishes, yard mowing, bath giving, bed making, phone answering, dog letting out and normal everyday stuff. None of that stops for me. With that said...*SMILE*...I AM EXCITED beyond words for what my husband has accomplished by getting this job and PROUD PROUD PROUD of him with all my heart and being! And I WILL OVERCOME him getting to go "away" and SUCCEED, though probably complaining about it! Cut me a little slack...K?

From This n' That...

So Lance, honey...I probably won't say this again (maybe I will)...but through all my pouting and tantrum throwing, which I will try to keep on the inside...remember...I/WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU AND SO HAPPY WE ARE MAKING THIS CHANGE! Thank you! Thank you for being you and doing what you are good at and thanks for doing it for all of us here at the home front. We appreciate you and what you are doing. I know in that big head of are "scared", though you will never admit it to anyone. I know you are "nervous". But I also know you are proud and excited! I say to you and your mad selling will be REALLY GOOD at this and hope it's something NEW you enjoy doing! Here's to our new step and here's to succeeding at it! XO CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Never forget..."I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me!"

From This n' That...

We have been so blessed with family and friends praying for us! So a shout out to those that have been with us through this journey and thank you for being a part of it! I still ask you kindly, to keep the prayers flowing as this is just the first step...and it's a big one! :) GOD IS AMAZING! And he really does move "mountains"! I believe whole heartedly that HE absolutely with a doubt had a hand in this change. It is needed and welcomed graciously! Of course, I have to thank FACEBOOK too...(hee-hee)!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!!! Enjoy this beautiful weather!


Anonymous said...

Hi sweet friend of mine,

I just got a chance to read this tribute to Lance and it is lovely. You are so so sweet for writing it and putting photos with it. Such a loving tribute. You really are a special and thoughtful lady. :) But, I always knew that! Anyway, you write beautifully and so full of emotion and enthusiasm. You amaze me all the time with your continued faith in God and Jesus and of all people I know- you and Lance have had the most struggles the last several years. When you wrote "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me!" a big smile came across my face and tears came to my eyes. I recite that quote all the time to myself and eve carry a little card in my wallet that says it. It is so true! Not that I have doubt in God or His son, but you who have struggled a lot always renew and reiterate my faith in God and Jesus. Because if anyone I know could ever have reason to doubt, it is you. But, you never do. I pray for you always and will continue to pray that God and Jesus bless you and your family. With this job, he surely was by Lance's side. Please tell Lance how proud I am of him for coming up with the lesson of placing the ball on the tee (what a genius idea and such fast thinking on his feet!) and for pretty much sweeping them off their feet! I knew he could do it!

As much as I wish you were coming to CA with him, along with the kids, I would love to see him when he comes. He is always welcome to stay with me- I have plenty of room!

That is so funny that he got the New Hire package before they actually told him he had the job. :) Too too funny.

I have to run for now, but I cannot tell you how happy I am for you 4. You deserve to have life be a bit easier.

I love and miss you! Hi to Lance and the kids. Any my goodness are you guys ever a gorgeous family! You all look great!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you and your family. I did read your blog and sat here with tears in my eyes. You words you wrote were very well thought out and amazing. You really have a lot of love for your husband, your kids and rest of your family. It is a great honor for me to call you my friend. I love you....I have been saying a special prayer for you every since I saw that Lance left his last position. Keep up the positive thoughts, you will go far. God works in mysterious ways, believe in him and you will go far....Love ya kid!!


Anonymous said...

Well after i wrote my short little comment I read and listened to your music that was awesome. You did really good on sharing your feelings and emotions. This is awesome for the two of you and the kiddos. When I was in high school building my cars and racing every friday night I always wanted to go to Wyotech. You will have some alone time without Lance when he is training but it will give you time to get everything in line and no that everthing is going to work out. Your saying is my favorite verse out of the bible. You can do all things through Christ. A customer gave me a pillow on a delivery that has that saying on there and it has been in my furniture truck ever since and been my favorite since then because that delivery was impossible and she kept saying you can do it well fourty five minutes later she had her new couch upstairs that weighed 300 plus pounds and thats when she handed me that pillow. You guys should start coming to our church onsundays. I think you guys would love it if you want give us a call or email or check out westside family on everything, Jayson

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What you said about your hubby was great Leah. I know that he appreciated those words. Miss ya friend.


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