Saturday, January 02, 2010

Getting Started we go.  I'm new to this Blogger thing! At least doing it myself.  I follow (or what I call STALK) lots of other bloggers so I thought I'd try out the other side of things and give it a go on my own! :)  Starting a new year...two LARGE goals this year and I don't call them resolutions...they are goals!...and I'm going to conquer!  I am going to become a better photographer...we'll get into that more later!  And I'm going to join my highschool friend ANGIE in the journey to loose 40lbs by or hopefully before my 40th Birthday, November 9th 2010!  I guess I figure by verbally putting this out makes it more accountable.

We'll try to fill you in on things that are going on with my little ones, updated photos, ect.  Hopefully not to bore you to death!

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