Saturday, January 30, 2010

Comfort Food...last nights grub.


                               AND THESE...(those dreary skies above)
I made this.... "Creamy Mac and Cheese" (Paula Deen)
AND this...."Mom's Turkey Meatloaf" (and by mom...I don't mean, MY mom)
that would mean MY mom cooks. :) LOL...just teasin' mama! (kinda).

This was a recipe I pulled from Food TV Network...and I have to say, it was quite delicious. I don't cook with Ground Turkey very much but this was delicious! My boys LOVED it! Lance said it was the best meatloaf I've made. I didn't really feel the same...I do think it was good but I prefer less "chunks". I needed to cut the onion and peppers a bit smaller. The little girl...well, she would have just skipped dinner if I would have let her. If it's not Chicken Nuggetts, Bread, Pork Tender, or PASTA slathered in butter and garlic OR if it doesn't have some sort of "wrapper" wrapped around it...she "doesn't like that kind of meat". Any hoo...with the grey skies and cold snow...I was doomed! Comfort Food was in order.  May be something new for you to try, so I thought I'd share.  No one needs to indure these calories alone! :)

Recipe for the Mom's Turkey Meatloaf, you can find HERE: Mom's Turkey Meatloaf!
Recipe for the Mac and Cheese, you can find HERE:  Creamy Macaroni and Cheese!

Today THE big K-State Wildcats vs. the KU Chicken Hawks is on!  Starting at 6 pm.  We have a big day...Lance started work at 7AM this morning, will come home to coach WyJ for his BBall game at 1pm, "A" is having a day at OP Mall with Holly for her birthday treat and then daddy goes back to work.  So, for dinner tonight "Crockpot Pork Spare Ribs"...they are on and smell delicious.  Now for something as a side dish...preferrably for me...NO CARBS!  I think I'll be eating a salad or Broccoli and maybe some Parmasan Mashed Potatoes for the kiddos!   I suppose the SUGAR COOKIES that I'm going finish baking this afternoon are not really on my "I gotta loose 40 lbs" diet either?!...

I'll finish with a picture of my "helpers"...who don't leave my feet the entire time I'm in the kitchen cooking.  And for the record, this will be my 6 day in a row for making dinner and trying new a new recipe...the husband worked every night this week so no help there.  Afterall, he's a way better cook than I!  But I'm going to have to give cuddos where cuddos are due, even if I have to do it myself. -So a pat on the back for ol' me!-  They actually were pretty good too!  I'm not usually much about cooking...but I'm trying.  Have a great weekend everybody! if there is actually someone that reads this.

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Anonymous said...

I love the pictures soooooo much. This has got to be the sweetest blog ever. I am totally impressed. What an incredible keepsake. Keep going.